Wednesday Small Class Registration

     We assemble in a healthy and holy way. Below is registration for Wednesday Small Classes beginning in September at 7PM.  Below, you will find a brief description of each class that will be available.  After reading the description, I urge you to register as there is a limit of 12 people per class.  I believe this is the perfect time to get those you know and love to attend worship in a small, safe, and friendly gathering. You are encouraged to share this registration with friends who would attend a small gathering with you. Thank you for being kind, faithful, and supportive of Bethany Baptist Church and your neighbors! 
R.L Altman
During this time, the nursery is not available for drop-off, but has been transformed into a Mother’s Lounge. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack while studying to an exclusive small class live stream. Your baby’s safety is very important to us, and we feel he/she is safest in your arms. Between each service, gliders, swings, jumpers, changing station, and toys will be sanitized to ensure your safety.
This room is dedicated to mother’s and their children 2 years old and under. There will be coloring sheets and crafts available for your children to enjoy while enjoy study time with other moms.
Manna Land is a class designed for ages 3 years old to kindergarten.  Teachers that have been trained to minister to this age group specifically will dive a little further into Sunday’s lesson.  This is a fun age that learns with their motor skills, so they will “act out” the lesson, “sculpt” objects with play doh, draw it out, and engage in story time.
God’s Squad is a class designed for ages 1st-5th Grade.  Brother Steve and Mrs. Danina Zimmerman will be going through Baptist Catechisms (our basic beliefs being proven through a question and answer format).  This class is full of fun, challenges, Bible drills, and practical teaching.
Bethany Baptist Church Fusion group is all about fusing our students together with Christ and the church! Grades 6th-12th.  We sing together with our youth Fusion worship team followed by Bible study with Brother Todd Teems.
Brother Scott Berninger will travel through time of the Old Testament teaching us history of kings past.   These biblical truths will give us deeper understanding and point us to our King that reigns forever.  
Brother Adam Altman is preparing to teach a practical and biblical stewardship class based on Christian principles.  Learn about saving, investing, retirement, insurance, and giving.  Your money has a purpose. 
Brother Sam Miller will teach us the characteristics of those that are citizens to the Kingdom of Heaven.  We will find these biblical truths through the gospel of Matthew.