Shades of Glory: News for the Nations

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Sermon Notes

Shades of Glory
“News for the Nations”
Revelation 5:9
Revelation 7:9
Revelation: 14:6-7
Matthew 25:32-34 & 41
The Big Idea
When these scriptures are read I hope you hear two things: 1.) Because of sin every nation is under terrifying eternally damning supreme wrath of God. 2.) Because of Jesus an invitation to be forgiven and restored to God is being sent to all nations through the church (that’s you and me) and will be heard. You can have faith in mission work and evangelism because of what we see when we look in Revelation. All nations, kindred, and tongues are seen in the heavenly vison and there is only one way for them to get there. We will focus on the second point next Sunday, but for this week I want to point out the fact that every nation, and because of that every person, has a huge problem. This huge problem is sin and this sin keeps us from coming to God and worshipping Him for who He is. The punishment for this sin is death and eternal damnation from God. All nations and people, therefore, are in big trouble no matter the size, power, economy, governmental structure, education, or health care system of a nation. We cannot come together and fix the sin and punishment problem. It is impossible to think through or around the sin problem. Every Nation shares in the condemnation of sin.
A call to the Altar of Worship
Last week I mentioned that Noah built an altar after His ark experience. That is after He was saved from the flood waters by the ark He had a radical worship service. This worship service represented all the nations that were to come. Here, at Noah’s altar, all the nations gathered in one to worship God, but from Genesis 8:20- Jude collective worship with all nations is missing in history. History actually yields nations going in different directions worshiping different things. Revelation, however, takes us to a place of God honoring worship performed by all nations. I said last week we can not get back to Noah’s Altar, but we can all meet at the eternal altar of God through Jesus Christ! I pray that you are saved, and I pray the saved is spreading the good news of Jesus!
What can encourage the Lost to be saved and fuel the saved to Evangelize?
Every Christian can be fueled in evangelism and missions
By considering the following truths we glean from these scriptures
I. The Common Judgment to all Nations (Matthew 25:32-34 & 41)
The Power to Judge is Christ’s -In Matthew 28:18 Jesus states, “All power {authority} is given unto me in heaven and earth”. The parables and teachings in Matthew 25 echo the same truth. There is One in charge who will come and demand an account be given according to His standard. How can He demand such and judge so strictly? Because He is in charge. In the day of judgement all religious ideas, governments, people, and powers will know that they were never in charge. Deuteronomy 32:39 will be known to all people “See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.” Christ will judge and who will be accepted in His sight? All those who have passed under His blood by believing on His name.
The Sentence is eternal (41)- The punishment for all nations is universal and eternal. People are dying and going to hell all over the world every day. Without the good news of salvation reaching the ears of unbelievers there is no chance of them being saved. This concrete truth should energize the church. Our prayer should be help me care. Now if we preached that there is another way of being saved apart from the gospel we make two great errors. 1.) We simply lie and do not represent the teaching of Jesus (John 14:6). 2.) We pass the buck on to other methods, or we simply become lazy believing that some other method, unknown to us, can intervene. This is the church burying the talent in the dirt.
The scripture says the wicked are “cursed” and sent to “everlasting” punishment. Today if a person commits a truly horrible crime the death sentence can be measured out to them and that is it their crime is paid for with their life. The higher the offense the higher the punishment, and in the case of sin it offends the Eternal Heights of God. Therefore, the punishment is not mere annihilation, but everlasting torment, and even at that the debt is never paid.
No Nation Left Out (32)- “All nations” including ours will be called up for judgement. America maybe a moral beacon of light, to some standard, in the world today, but in the day of Christ America will not be judge based on its war on terror or humanitarian aid given to the nations. It will be judged by its submission to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We, as a nation, have the same need of the gospel that all nations share.
Question: Will you help reach your nation for Jesus by doing everything possible to help the gospel be preached in Barnwell?
II. The Common need of Redemption of all nations (Revelation 5:9)
God is merciful and just. He shows both these qualities with how He has chosen to deal with the sins of people.
1.) He is merciful toward sinners by over looking sins for a season.
2.) He is just in how He deals with sinners that refuse to repent.
3.) He is merciful in sending Jesus Christ (His Eternal Son) to pay for the sins of the world.
4.) He is merciful in establishing the church to proclaim the good news of the Son of God, that is sins can be forgiven in His name and eternal punishment overlooked while clothing and accepting sinners as His children through Jesus Christ.
5.) He is just in condemning those who never are saved to eternal damnation and accepting those as children who repent.
So, God is both merciful and just in that He is sovereign over all things. Justice and Mercy both play major rolls in converting the soul. It is the knowledge of God’s justice that causes me to yearn for His mercy. These two things together make God great and the gospel beautiful and necessary. It is God’s judgement upon all nations that makes the need for redemption necessary. It is God’s judgment upon the nations and mercy extended to them that makes the work of the church powerful and necessary.
The How of Redemption- “thou wast slain” The Son of God was “slaughtered” that sinful men might be redeemed. This one clause shows the severity of God’s wrath toward sinners, and His depth of love for sinners. Jesus died for you carries an eternity load of implications. Redemption is, therefore, costly.
The why of Redemption- A great price was paid in order that men could be brought to God. This implies that man, by sin, is separate from God. The great price paid in order that sinful man could be brought back to God implies that God Himself is the supreme prize of eternity because the extreme price of eternity was paid that man could inherit lost fellowship with God. When the Church preaches the gospel to people we are in fact inviting them to worship God through Jesus Christ. Missions and evangelism exist in order that man can be brought to worship God. Without redemption men are left to themselves and perish. The why of redemption is God. He created everything including His plan to reveal Himself to man in precious ways. God could have allowed man to perish and have been just and no less God, but He chose to redeem man to show His glory in salvation.
Question: Are you rejoicing in your salvation that God has prepared and given you?
III. The Common Call of all Nations (Revelation 14:6-7)
The call to trust God by believing on the Lord Jesus is a common call for all people. It is the Gospel, the good news, of Jesus that must be presented. The gospel transcends time, culture, language, and borders. We can preach it in buildings, under bridges, or in the remote jungle and it is still the same. God is angry with sinners and will eternally damn them for their sinful ways. God in love decided He wanted to spare sinners. In order to satisfy His Justice and extend His love He offered up His Only Son in the stead of sinners that they may be saved. This is the blessed truth that is to be preached to all nations.
This common call is a productive one. God has elected that His call for salvation be sounded through the church. He has also elected that the church will produce fruit of EVERY NATION. The call to every nation is to hear and be saved and take it to the bank that some from every place will!
God’s Relentless Pursuit of Sinners Through the Church- In every generation since the cross God has not slacked in saving, calling, and sending men and women to preach His word to all the world. Here at Bethany we are located in Barnwell, S.C. our call is to preach the gospel to all the people in our town and county. We are to pray, give, serve, and worship right here in Barnwell, S.C. and while doing that support those who are willing to do the same elsewhere. What we do at Bethany is not first hospitality, or music, or children’s ministry. What we do first here is proclaim the gospel to all creatures. The other things we do are apart of the main thing we do and that is to proclaim the gospel of Christ to all people. God has been faithful to Barnwell by placing people like you in the midst of it. People who will at this time prepare to pray for the people within its area and beyond. People like you that will give to make the gospel message heard. People like you that will labor when you are tired in order to see some saved. People like you who believe the opening verses that your works will produce by God’s grace people to join us in the supreme prize of worshiping God in eternity!
Question: Will join with me in praying that the nations represented in our community will be saved?