The Cause of God in Blessing His People
May 17, 2020

The Cause of God in Blessing His People

Passage: Psalm 67
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The Cause Of God in Blessing His People
Psalm 67

God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us;
2  That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.
3  Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
4  O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge the people
righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Selah.
5  Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.
6  Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless
7  God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear him.

Psalm 67 is Scripture, Prayer, and Song package into 7 mind-boggling and soul
reviving verses. The contents of this Psalm have helped me greatly over the past
week; wrap my mind over reuniting as a church why it matters and how it is to be

My first thought is simply this. We are a church of One God and One Desire. We have
been scattered at different locations for weeks and yet have been together on so
many levels. I hope we can capture our togetherness and strength it in the coming
weeks as we unite weekly.

Psalm 67 is a great place to re-launch and revive from.
The reason this Psalm is the perfect starting point for our re-launching together is
the clarity and precision it gives us on God’s design and purpose for His people. To

better understand God’s Cause and Purpose in blessing His people we will look at
The Request of the Psalm, The Rejoicing in the Psalm, and the Reward in the Psalm

 I. The Request in Psalm 67- (1)
Verse 1 opens with this song and prayer with a request. The request is threefold.
a. Mercy- Forgive us not by our own merit, but by your loving-kindness. The
first happy plea is one of trust and confidence in God. The road to Christian
desire and joy is rooted in the mercy of God. Let us ask for mercy of God
today for it endures forever.
b. Bless-The request for a blessing is sandwiched between mercy and God’s face
shining upon us. Blessings are not fully enjoyed or stewarded correctly
without mercy, and what seems to be a blessing is none at all without the
presence of God with us. What is a blessing? It is opposed to a curse. It is the opposite of taking, harming, hindering, and withholding. So it is giving,
helping, giving health, unshackling, and allowing. Blessing is God's unleashing substance to us and entrusting us with what is His. This is done for His glory
and our sakes.
c. Shine- The third request is asking God to shine His with us. Not like the
closest of our stars, which is bright yet far. The request is to shine among us.
Those He bestows mercy upon He also blesses, those who are blessed refuse
to make His blessing their prize. It is not the blessing we live for and to. We
live unto God and this third request reminds us that a blessing is not even a
close substitute for the presence of God in our lives. Many years after this
Psalm was written Jesus would come as God in the flesh and dwell among us.
He is Emmanuel God with us. God is with us because God is for us and when
God is for us we go into the world for Him!
 Why They Prayed and How God Answered:
Now let’s go a little deeper into the contents of this prayer. Why is a sinful broken
nation asking such marvelous things of God? Knowing their sin (the sacrifices at the temple and writings of Moses made their sin clear). They prayed because they

believed God would answer them. But how can a just God hear and answer unjust
people? To answer this question we must go to the beginning of God’s dealings with
His people beginning with father Abraham.
When God called Abraham out of his pagan home and life He did so with a purpose
to bless him. In Genesis 12:2 (And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless
thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:)
God tells Abraham He will make his family a great nation and bless Him. Isn’t
prayer wonderful? Isn’t it powerful? Isn’t it biblical? It certainly is. When the people
of Israel prayed this prayer they were relying on the promise and covenant God
made with father Abraham. When they sang this song, read this scripture, or prayed
this prayer they were resting in the Word of God. Prayer is resting in the Word of
Now we have to ask the question does the promises of Abraham extend to us
being we are not of his physical descendants? The Israelites were direct blood
descendants of Abraham. They relied on God’s promise to their bloodline, but we are not
in the bloodline of Abraham. How are our prayers heard by God? The answer to this is
found in Galatians 3:6-8 “ 6  Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted
to him for righteousness.
7  Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of
8  And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith,
preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be
We are the children of Abraham and heirs of such promises through faith. Faith in
what; faith in the promises of God to redeem the world through His Son Jesus Christ,
who is in fact a descendant of Abraham. Our connection to Abraham is linked to like
belief and faith in God. So we can pray and should pray as a church that God has
mercy, blesses, and shines His face upon us because God will hear and answer us.

II. The Reason in Psalm 67 (2)

But what is the reason for such a prayer as a church? What is the motivation to want
such things from God? Better yet why has God promised such things as these to
request? It is by God’s grace we can receive mercy, blessing, and shining. To answer
this question we will return to Genesis 12:2b “So that you will be a blessing”. What
kind of blessing was Abraham to the nations? What was Abraham’s life, family,
wealth, and knowledge that God blessed him with suppose to do? It was to promote
the way and name of God to all nations. God elected and destined Abraham, his
offspring (mainly Jesus Christ), to bless all the nations by making His name and way
of salvation known to all nations. If you are wondering what your purpose is as a
believer, husband, dad, business owner, young person, old person, online member of
in-person member here it is! The Psalm does not miss this reason. God wants to be
known by the people on the earth and He is using and going to use His people who
have received mercy, blessing, and His presence to do so. All we have or own is for
this goal. Your marriage, job, education, ability, and the church exist is to make Jesus
known. The blessings of the church are to flow into the world. The question is your
blessing for this goal. Are our blessings as a church aimed squarely on making God’s
name and way known in the earth? Rest assured God’s name is being made known
by His people and He is filling them with joy, peace, and purpose. Another question:
“Are you excited to be in God’s will”? Are you focused on God’s will for your life?

III. Rejoicing in Psalm 67 (3-5)

What is the purpose of making God’s name and way known to the nations? The
nations are sad and in ruin, but faith in the name of Jesus Christ makes people glad.
Glad they are at fellowship and not war with God. Glad they are forgiven, indwelt,
and sealed by the Holy Spirit. Glad their life has a purpose. Glad there is something
greater than the law. Glad there is a King supreme over all the happenings on earth.
Glad, Glad, Glad, infinite glad that “Our God Reigns”!
In the gladness of the nations we see and hear rejoicing. Songs burst forth in praise,
prayers are made in thanksgiving, and gifts are distributed one to another in love.

We move the nations Godward in their joy and rejoicing through missions both local
and abroad.
In the sadness of the nations, we feel and see bitterness, division, and
desperation. The nations need more than money, food, and medical supplies. These
are blessings we have and are to share, but with the intention of making God’s name
and way known. I can give my blessings away for many reasons, but gladness and
rejoicing only come through the name of Jesus. We live in a sad world; a world
where bad news flourishes. We occupy a world void of joy. The best the world can
mustard up is a healthy, short life, with a decent job and education. And if you think
that is enough to fill your joy, you are dead wrong and as shallow as a lost person in
your thinking. When we make God’s name and salvation known to the world we give
the world joy they cannot find anywhere else. God help us desire to make the
nations glad in your name! How can we make the nations glad? What can we pray,
do, or give?

IV. The Reward in Psalm 67 (6-7)
The return on making God’s name known unto salvation is gladness to the nations
and the earth providing for our physical needs. This prayer closes with
an acknowledgment that God will heal the land after He heals the hearts of men by
bringing them into His family through the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This
puts the church in a cycle of blessing, making God’s salvation known through His
name, bringing in more of the lost, being blessed more, and round and round we go.
The beginning of blessings is knowing and praising God, and the continuation of
blessing is fearing God. The ultimate goal of blessing is salvation to the nations that
they may know and honor Him as God. God has made it plain our blessings are
meant to bless the nations. Are the blessings and mercies you received stewarded
on this ground?

Summing up the Psalm we can say God shows us mercy, blesses us, and is with us
(shines) so we may know, praise, enjoy, and fear God.

Now What
With Psalm 67 in mind, I have asked myself what can we do? It would be a lie to say
our church hasn’t received, isn’t blessed, and God is far from us. It would be laziness
and sinful to evaluate our blessings selfishly. What can we do to please God? What
can we do to make God’s name known? Knowing we have received mercy, are
blessed, and God is shining on us has placed 4 things on my mind that I am going to
ask us to be aware of and do something about.

1. The services we now have available.
a. We are blessed to have a church that is united. I will not assume
everyone likes the new format, and that is O.K. God blesses church
that can disagree and serve on together for His name’s sake. Yet, look
at the opportunity to invite family and friends to a safe, comfortable,
and gospel packed environment. It is my desire to watch these
services grow with people that you are a blessing too

2. Mission Days Over the Summer
a. The past few years we have helped and blessed those in the
community in the name of Jesus during the summer. This year is no
different. People are in need. We can volunteer, help, and give to make
this happen? What can you do?

3. The Van
a. Years ago we ran a van ministry. John Bodiford, James Raber, Daniel
Walker, Sam Miller, and I went into neighborhoods and reached
out to families. At one point we were busing in 20-30 people to
church. It was work, we had conflicts, but it was wonderful! We need
our van fixed and couples who are led to not only drive it but also take
leadership in it. People who are far from God are not far from us. We
now have an early service and we aren’t simply biding our time and
sitting on our hands waiting to go back to one service. No, we are
looking for ways to bless people with what God has placed in our
hands. There are zero intentions of wasting time with the mercy given

to us. We can bring children here and open up our early service Bkids
ministry to them. We need people asking God right now “How can I be
a blessing God”? “What can I do”?
4. Worship God on Deeper and Higher Levels
a. You can sing like never before, pray like never before, and be faithful
like never before. When people come to Bethany they can know
without a doubt we love God by how we worship Him. We need more
than bread and work; we need the Word of God and Worship.
I ask you to pray with me now. Pray this song with me. If God has spoken to your
heart about being a blessing to the nations to make God’s name and way known. I
ask you to come and stand at the front of the church so I can pray over you that His
Mercy, Blessing, and Presence may be powerful in your life.


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