He Has Compassion
May 24, 2020

He Has Compassion

Passage: Mark 5:1-20
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Mark 5:18-19
18  And when he was come into the ship, he that had been possessed with the devil
prayed him that he might be with him.
19  Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and
tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion
on thee.
The Condition (Mark 5:3-5)
We are not told the background behind the possession of this man. We could speculate
many things, but the scripture is silent on the issue. Mark simply shows us the reality the
disciples saw the day Jesus arrived on the shore. The setting is a graveyard, which is very
fitting for a man who was as good as dead. We all are dead men walking before Jesus
shines the light of salvation into our dark souls. His home and hope was tied to the tombs.
His expectation was darkness, distance from society, and soon damnation. There were
attempts from society to help him. When all the attempts failed they simply chained him
up and even then he picked the chains apart and broke free. All options for help were
exhausted and he was left alone to his demise. And what do desperate, lonely, broken
people do? They cry for relief and when none is found they hurt themselves. All lost and
alone Jesus arrives on the shore. The bright beacon of heaven showed up in the dark
world of the demoniac. The Son of Righteousness arrived with healing in His wings. Do
you remember your dark days when you needed Jesus to show up? Is today the day where
your darkness needs to be scattered by the Light of Jesus? Do you remember the hope,
which came to your mind and heart? Do you believe Jesus is the answer for our life and
world today? He is not only the answer for your condition He is the answer for the
condition of those around you.
Our Condition Today
Let us now examine the condition of today, least we only think in terms of the past being
a darker and lesser fortunate time than the present. Let us see to our day so we are not
blinded by modern pride and miss the great need for redemption at this very hour. Alone
a pandemic is a major issue. But pandemics do not come alone. A Pandemic brings with
it fear, anxiety, depression, and a feeling of hopelessness. I am sure some of you have felt
this at times over the past three months. It’s not like this pandemic fell on once mentally,
physically, or spiritually healthy people. It is not a weight we are prepared to face. We
are a nation of people on pills for depression and anxiety. Depression is the leading cause
in disability for ages 15-44. Every 12 minutes some commits suicide. Depression affects
businesses at a rate of a trillion dollars every ten years. A pandemic only exhaust an
already mentally weak nation.
Physically our country is not prepared for a healthy crisis. We already have a
healthy crisis in this country prior to a pandemic. In 2016, in Mayo Clinic Proceedings
reported that only 3 percent of Americans live a healthy lives style. Our healthy is linked
to our mental condition and our mental condition can and does affect our spiritual

We are also a nation that lacks discipleship. 50% of Americans say they are done
with God. He doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. Church membership is down more
than 20% in the last 20 years. Time would fail us to talk about statics that reveal many
who know to pray, study scripture, give, congregate, share the gospel, and serve refuse to
do so in the name of some idol that is the fling for a certain season of life. We have loved
many gods, none of which can save us or give us hope in the midst of a storm like this.
We need healing and those around us need healing only found in Jesus Christ. We
can repent and worship God. We can take efforts to do what is good and right before God
and man. We can be healed. The bible is a series of books that tells the account of the
ultimate healing which comes to us by Jesus Christ even the forgiveness of our sins. We
need healing, those around us need healing, and Jesus can heal us! We are the people of
God; we are the people of the book. Let us do everything in our power to know God’s
Word and then share in without shame or reservation. You are mighty in God’s Kingdom
to bring down strong holds. Let us go forth into the world this week and bring down
strong holds.
The Couse of Salvation (Mark 5:6-7)
How will Jesus heal us? What will bring us to our salvation? I cannot tell how God will
bring us to Himself. I know the simple answer is the through the preaching of the gospel
and Holy Spirit. But what are the details of how the gospel will spread and what will
cause people to listen? God is sovereign and will use whatever force He deems necessary
to make His name known. God does unlikely things. I’m sure your salvation has unlikely
twist. The course of God’s salvation to us and our community will look unique. As, I
already stated it would be on a common level. The preaching of the word and drawing of
the Spirit, but my, the details are worth mentioning! We Especially see this in the account
given to us.
Jesus in all His allure drew the man to Himself. That is what Jesus does to all
those He saves. He draws them to Himself through the Gospel presentation and Spirit of
God. But check out the “gears” that turn in order to get the man to Jesus. It is the demons
that bring the man to Jesus, and then testify of who He is. My salvation account is not
like this one. Only Jesus can make demons preachers! I wonder how it would sound if
this man testified the first theological lesson he received about the Son of God came
through the demons which once possessed him confessing the truth before the feet of God
in the flesh. Now maybe you don’t believe this or don’t understand it. Paul tells us “every
knee will bow and every tongue will confess”. This confession will take place by those in
and under the earth to the glory of the Father (Philippians 2:10-11). James tells us even
the demons believe and tremble (James 2:19). Did God use something odd to bring you to
hear the gospel? Maybe you loved heavy metal music, got deep into it, and you
discovered one of your favorite musicians from that genre became a Christian. So you
buy the book he wrote about his life and you get saved through that. Maybe the boy or
girl you were dating and committing fornication with brought you to church because their
family attended and you heard the gospel and was saved. Maybe you were at a party and
one of you drunk buddies began to talk of God and the bible and something he said in his
drunkenness stuck with you and you began to pursue truth. The truth is God does as He I
pleases to bring us near the message of the gospel.

Why bring this up. One because your salvation story has common factors we can
all understand, and this brings glory to God in His church. Two, we all have details that
we can share about how God orchestrated our lives to bring us to Him, again bringing
glory to God in His church. Thirdly, God is sovereign over all things including the Devil
and demons, bringing glory to God in His church. Fourthly, that we may pray and be
patient with those who God will save trusting God for their salvation knowing He works
in mysterious ways. All these things bring glory to God in His Church. When was the last
time you told people how God brought you to Jesus. How much do you emphasize how
the Word of God and Spirit brought you into the Kingdom of God? Your salvation
account in all its details brings glory to God and witness to people. Tell someone this
week of God’s great work in your life. We can inspire hope one story at a time.
The Cost (Mark 5:18-13)
Salvation did not cost the demoniac one thing. He was at the very bottom and there were
no cost to count. However, his redemption cost farmers dearly. The salvation of this man
created a bit of an economic crisis for the town. 2,000 pigs would keep the herders busy,
the meat markets, and the local auctions. A herd that size would impact the whole town
economically at some level. When Jesus showed up and set the demoniac free the people
were offended. Our salvation does cost others. The redeemed drug addict or dealer cost
the illegal drug industry. The saved alcoholic cost local grocers and gas stations. The
restored business owner who closes shop to be a missionary in a remote part of the world
cost the local town. Imagine the loss of the disciples’ families when they put down the
fishing industry and followed Jesus. How about those who profited off of Zacheaus’s or
Matthew’s tax collection. What did the Jews lose when Saul was converted? Yet look at
what was gained! A man in his right mind prepared to follow the King and make much of
eternal things. What did the world gain with Saul becoming Paul? In the short term we
may incur cost so that others may be saved, but in the long run the cost is not to be
reckoned with the outcome. Count the cost, pay the price, reach the world, and turn it
right side up for the glory of God and sake of man. What is God moving you to “pay”
that a distressed sinner can be rescued?
The Confrontation (Mark 5:14-17)
The cost led to a confrontation. The people of the town wanted Jesus to leave. The man
being relieved was not worth the price that was paid in the eyes of the town people. I pray
we are for the rescue of the souls of men and celebrate those who are saved, no matter
what they were before Jesus came to shore.
The Crusade (Mark 5:18-20)
The first thought of the now restored man was to go with Jesus. How did this man feel
about the town running off the redeemer? He probably felt out of place. Surely Jesus
would understand and allow him to tag alone. But, that was not the answer. Jesus told
him to stay and spread the word of the great compassion that he received. Therefore, the
man went out and told many and the people marveled at the work that took place.
Worship, mission work, and evangelism are born out of a thankful heart. I recently read
what you believe and what you think you believe are not the same. We define what we
think we believe by our lip service. We can talk about it, discuss it, and promote it, but

we only perform what we really believe. Are you a thankful Christian? Look to your
service before God and man. Being unholy presents itself in an attitude of being
unthankful and being unthankful shows itself in laziness toward the things of God. This
man was glad and his gladness was a bright and shining light to the world in action. Let
us shine bright together in our action. Let us worship, do missions, and evangelize all our
family and friends. Let us rejoice and be glad in Him! Last week we challenged ourselves
with 4 things we could do to make the nations Glad in God. Are you ready to commit?
Are you thankful to God for His salvation? If you are do something with what’s been
done for you. May the Lord have mercy, bless, and be with us all as we endeavor to make
His name known to all people!

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