Dear God, I have a Reason

As you open this devotional, prepare your heart for worship with song to the Lord.
All I have is Christ
Shane & Shane
Psalm 67:2

That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.

I need a why in prayer. Why do I ask for mercy, blessings, and God’s presence in my life daily? When my children ask for something, I want to know why they want it. My youngest son, who is almost 4, wants a riding lawn mower for his birthday. Why does he want it? He wants it to help daddy, he wants it because he sees me cut our grass, and he wants to help and have fun while he does. Of course, he cannot have a riding lawn mower at 4, but the point is he wants to do something with what he requests that pleases me because he loves me. Our prayers need a why and thank God we can see our “why” in praying clearly through this verse.

The Reason in Psalm 67 (2)

What is the reason for the request in Psalm 67:1? What is the motivation to want such things from God? Better yet, why has God promised such things to us through Jesus? It is by God’s grace we can receive mercy, blessing, and shining. To answer this question we will return to Genesis 12:2b “So that you will be a blessing”. What kind of blessing was Abraham to the nations? What was the life, family, wealth, and knowledge God blessed him with supposed to do? It was to promote the way and name of God to all nations. God elected and destined Abraham, his offspring (mainly Jesus Christ), to bless all the nations by making His name and way of salvation known to all nations. If you are wondering what your purpose is as a believer, husband, dad, business owner, young person, or  old person, look no further than this verse! God wants to be known by the people on the earth and He uses His people who have received mercy, blessing, and His presence to do so. All we have and own is for this goal. Your marriage, job, education, ability, and the church exist to make Jesus known. The blessings of the church are to flow into the world.  Are your blessings for this goal? Are our blessings as a church aimed squarely on making God’s name and salvation known in the earth? Rest assured God’s name is being made known by His people and He is filling them with joy, peace, and purpose. Another question: “Are you excited to be in God’s will”? Are you focused on God’s will for your life? Today, pray Pslam 67:1 knowing the goal of the prayer is to be a blessing to others. 

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