Dear God, Bless Us

As you open this devotional, prepare your heart for worship with song to the Lord.
Open Up the Heavens
Shane & Shane
Psalm 67:1 God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah.

I love God and His Word. When I was 18 years old I began attending church faithfully. The church was known for its great choir and wonderful song selection but I didn’t know it. Honestly, I was neutral with my feelings about their music. I tolerated it to get to the preaching. I was eager to open my Bible, listen to the preacher, and take notes. Everything I have done since has been born out of my love for God and His word. My love for preaching, giving, serving, singing, and the church were all born out of love for God and His Word. If I am going to love to pray, it must come from that same love. Therefore, let us turn to the Word of God and learn to love to pray. 

The second request in Pslam 67:1 is “bless us.” 

    Bless Us – The request for blessing is sandwiched between mercy and God’s face shining upon us. Blessings are not fully enjoyed or stewarded correctly without mercy, and what seems to be a blessing is none at all without the presence of God with us. What is a blessing? It is opposed to a curse. It is the opposite of taking, harming, hindering, and withholding. Blessing is, therefore, giving, helping, giving health, unshackling, and allowing. Blessing is God’s unleashing of substance to us and entrusting us with what is His. This is done for His glory and our sake. Today ask God to have mercy on you and bless you. Ask Him for what you need and desire. Make your request known to Him. Prayer is easy. 

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