To All My Fellow Dads

I am the father of four amazing boys. They are great kids with skills, love, personalities, and determination that amaze me daily. When I look at them I see great blessings and at the same time the weight of great responsibility to groom these young boys to be men of God. 
What worries Me about raising children (all boys for me)
1.) They will pick up my bad traits– I am a pastor of a local church which I love, but that does not place me in a category of perfect. I am far from what I need to be and the fear lurks daily that any failure, any crack in my character, will shatter them later in life if they live in what is simply small parts of my life.
2.) Technology– There is so much research out there that points out the dangers of technology. I do not want my children to be addicted to it, controlled by it, or learn life lessons from it. My children learning about sex, masculinity, how to treat ladies, how to view others, and all other things that have meaning in life I want in on. I fear it is to easy to give them technology and not raise them. 
3.) Being to Hard on them, and not being hard enough– I struggle with where I should allow them to be children, and disciplining them correctly. I try to juggle the punishment for wrong doing and what is simply boys being boys. I miss the mark often, although I am doing better as I grow as a father and learn the personality of my children.
Are Your Fears Similar?

What God has Taught me that Helps:
1.) God gave me my children- God thinks more of me than I think of myself. He gave me His Son for salvation and my children to bless me. He does that which is right, and my children are for me from God. I find satisfaction and confidence in God’s decision to give me the right to be a dad. (Psalm 127:3)
2.) I am growing up with my Children- I was 25 when my first son was born. I had (and have) growing up to do. My children are growing up and I am growing up with them. My imperfections as a father are as normal as my children’s imperfections. They have myself and Tara to correct them and we have God. I find encouragement in knowing I am not fully grown, but I am growing.(Ephesians 4:13)
3.) My Children Love me- Love covers a multitude of sin. My children overlook more of my flaws than I know, and then embrace me as dad and hero. It is a humbling thing. They love me like Jesus and I embrace that with a joyful heart. Their love gives me strength to do my best. (1st Peter 4:8)
So How about you? I would love for you to share with me. What are your fears as a dad? How has God helped you with those fears? 
May God strengthen you as a Father for His glory and your sake!

Robert Altman 

Lead Pastor 
Bethany Baptist Church of Barnwell S.C.
Bethany Baptist Church

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