Time Out

Do you ever wish you could call a time out in life? I know I do. In sports time outs are used for rest, encouragement, and to reset a play if a player or coach decides what they are doing needs to be adjusted. Sadly, we cannot pause the game of life. It keeps coming at us like it or not. The scripture has a lot to say about our time. One verse in particular tells us to “redeem the time” (Ephesians 5:16), or to make the most of the time you have. I will ask you something I have asked myself: “How can I make the most of the time God has granted?” I believe the answer is in making the following three measurements.

Measurement #1
Measure Time-
Christmas has recently come and gone, and good shoppers measured what they had in their account and made solid purchases based on what they could afford. The expense was measured by money on hand. Christians measure things they do by the amount of time we are given by God. This is why we pray for God to let us know the number of our days (Psalm 39:4). We are all human and one thing every christian and non christian alike knows is that our life is short.

Measurement #2
Measure the glory it brings to God-
I wanted to put this first because it is the most important. I placed it as the second measurement because I believe once humanity measures the importance of what we do by the limited time we have it awakens us to our immortality, which leads us to think about eternity and God (I may have over thought that because I do that often). Whatever we do as a Christian needs to be done with all our might as unto the Lord and not unto men (Colossians 3:23). We are to think of God in all that we do and do it unto God and not unto men because men are not fuel enough to keep us doing right.

Measurement #3
Measure the hope and help it gives to man-
As a preacher, I get stuck in the root of saying one thing and then having to explain it because, quiet frankly, it sounds contradicting. It seems, from #2, that men are to be thrown out of the equation when it comes to determining how to spend your time. In reality men are to be placed in the right place in the equation. When you do what pleases God it will not always please men, but it will always help and bring hope to man. Yes it is possible to give men help and hope of a sort and not glorify God, but you cannot glorify God without bringing help and hope to man. When Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves(Mark 12:30-31), He was telling us to spend time with our neighbor for the good of our neighbor. This was something that glorified God and brought help and hope to man.

As the New Year moves along be sure to get the most of your time by measuring it out. How much of it do you have? Are you glorifying God with the time you have? Are you bringing hope and help to others with your time as you do for yourself? Get to measuring, removing, and adding what needs to be done in order to use your gift of time for the glory of God and sake of man!

Robert Altman
Lead Pastor
Bethany Baptist Church of Barnwell S.C.


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