Ready, Set, Sunday!

As a Christian and a pastor I understand the importance of gathering with other believers to worship God.
I also understand time is our most precious resource and for many of us, the 24 hours we are blessed with each day has already been delegated. But it’s also true that we make time for things we truly value. Food, sleep, time with family and friends, these type of things are sure to find space on our calendars. As Christians, gathering to worship with others is very valuable to flourishing in life. However, worshiping with your church or with a church does not happen magically. It is a real life event that takes real life preparation. So let’s get real and say “ready, set, SUNDAY!”

One thing is for certain, the more you begin to value worship and understand it’s importance, the more intentional you will become with it.

Here are some strategies that will help you lock into a healthy routine of worship with others:

1. The Intentionality – If you have a weekly calendar at home, make sure attending worship with your local church is on there.

2. The Preparation – Lay out clothes for church the night before and make sure those in your house know what time to get up.

3. The Consistency – Attend your mid-week life group, prayer meeting, or whatever kind of gathering is available.

4. The Location – Worship throughout the week. This is one of my most favorite things to do to get ready for Sunday, and probably one of the most important. When I say worship, I mean singing and giving praise to God. I always have my radio and phone set to Christian music so when Sunday comes the music isn’t unfamiliar to me. I did this way before I started being involved in the music ministry because I loved being able to sing to God.

5. The Contents – Read the Bible on Saturday. I know. “Oh the Christian person is telling me to read my Bible AGAIN.” Yes, yes I am. This is so important to a Christian’s health. First, it helps you learn more about God, but it also keeps weird ways of thinking out of your mind. So, on Saturday nights I always read a passage of scripture. Some nights it’s just a chapter, some a few chapters because it’s so good. I promise once you get into the routine of reading, you’ll enjoy it.

6. The Structure – Make plans for after church. I know this is not a “Christian” thing you should be worried about when coming to church, but enjoy yourself. Every Sunday I get to spend time with my Dad and go out to eat after church. I always look forward to this because, honestly, I love food. So make plans for after church, even if it is going back to your house and watching a movie or going out for a nice lunch.

Conclusion: What’s it going to take for you to be as intentional about responding to God’s love and grace in worship as you are to every other valuable situation in your life?

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