Church, I think It’s Awesome

My Churchgoing Credentials: (Sorted by Age)
1-18: On-again/off-again church attendance
18-33: Faithful churchgoer (Sunday Morning and night, mid-week, and anything special)
19-22: Baptized, Attended bible college, ministered in jails, youth ministry, did mission work, interim pastor, and lead pastor
23-33: Planted a church as Lead pastor
My résumé, I hope, verifies that I have been “neck deep” in church life all my adult life. My conclusion is that church life is pretty awesome. If I thought otherwise I would do something else. I’m aware that not everyone holds my conviction. However, in an attempt to help others better understand where I’m coming from, I want to list out a few reasons why my time at church is never wasted.
#1 – Church is Special to God – God purchased the church (followers of Jesus) at the absurd price of Jesus His Eternal Son. That qualifies the church as very special to God. According to the Bible, the Church is the Bride, Body, Building, and Family of God. Not everyone can identify with having an amazing biological family, but the church has been a family to me. Because of Jesus, it can be special to you.
#2 – It is Special to Me – The value of eternal life, right living, godly marriage, love, perseverance, strength, parenthood, and financial responsibility has been planted deep in my life through the church. I dedicated my children, was baptized, was married, and buried loved ones with and in the church. The church has always been a source of encouragement in life’s “ups” and “downs.” The church is special to me and because of Jesus, it can be special to you.
#3 – It is Real Life – I would venture to say you have heard some of the problems churches face. Tyrant preachers, unruly deacons, hypocrites in the pew, dangerous business meetings, and of course they always want that money! Your problems with the church are probably valid. But! Your problem with the local church is part of what makes it awesome. The church experiences real-life problems because it consists of real-life people. People with problems and people with a past. If the church was problem-less you wouldn’t fit in but because of Jesus, it can be special to you (even with your past and problems) too.
What Advice would I give churchgoers? (Glad you asked)
#1 – Appreciate your church– Anyone can focus on problems. Be different. In whatever tangible way that fits you best, highlight the people, places, and things that the church gets right. The church is the hope of the world regardless if we take notice, but I am praying that we will.
#2 – Consistently Attend Your Church – Go to church. It’s not hard. Be faithful to the God and His people in collective worship. God has set an example to the galaxy of his consistent faithfulness highlighted in the ministry of Jesus. May we respond to His faithfulness by being faithful to others (especially to those of the household of faith – Galatians 6:10).
#3 – Serve Through Your Church – Serve where you can, give all you can, worship God to your max. Every institution in this world will dissolve, but the church will march on through eternity. Give your life to something that matters.
#4 – Invite Others – Your children’s ministry may be small, but invite people anyway. Your choir may be non-existence, invite people anyway. The building may be small and outdated, invite anyway. A bigger church may be right around the corner invite people anyway. The purpose of inviting people to church is to introduce them to Jesus and encourage them to worship God. All that other stuff has a place, but it does not occupy 1st place! Make much of Jesus and never give up on inviting others!
I hope by now that I’ve convinced you that the church means the world to me… but remember, because of Jesus it can mean the world to you as well.
Brandon Dobson
Lead Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church of Lilburn, GA

Robert Altman 

Lead Pastor 
Bethany Baptist Church of Barnwell S.C.
Bethany Baptist Church

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